Ebenezer Scrooge by Gracie

Ebenezer Scrooge was a cold man, he was as cold as a bleak frosty morning. He was as cold as the grim icy cellar which was his heart! Ebenezer scrooge was cold. Not just because of his heart, not just because of his soul , which was a swirling storm of greed and selfishness but because of the permanent scowl which was on his miserable bony face.

His appearance was almost as ugly as his sour personality. His skin, which was tinted with blue, hung over his body like a deathly blanket.His worst feature was his eyes. They cut open your heart and soul like an icy knife of depression. That feeling lingered in the room around him. It was like a force field pushing kind thoughts and kind words away. It was as though the only emotions he could feel were hate and sadness.



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