Private Peaceful letter by Rubie

My dearest Molly,

Are you alright? I miss you so much, it seems so long since I last saw you, but its only been a couple of days.

Today I milked the cows, and walked the dogs and every second of every minute I thought of you. At the end of the day I was so shattered, I feel so guilty that we haven’t told Tommo, and I think he’s going find out about us and it’s going to break his heart. Do you think we should meet up at the brook at 12:00 tomorrow? I can’t believe that the colonel- that grumpy old fart- shot Bertha. She was an little innocent dog who wanted a good life. I miss her but not as much as I miss you.

How is your work up at the big house?  I got fired because I took Bertha but then the old fart shot the poor thing. Are your parents still abusing you? I feel so sorry for you, I am so tired and so is my mum she is working every hour of every day. She is absolutely shattered. so I will see you tomorrow at the brook 12:00 sharp.

Forever yours Charlie Peaceful xx


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