Unwelcome/Welcome by Gracie

Go live in the shadows,

Don’t live in the shadows,

Go away,

Don’t go away,

Go back to where you came from,

Never go back to your country,

What are you trying to say?


The parasites,

You’re better than a parasite,

Turn off their lights,

Give them enough money for electricity,

A tidal wave they spread like the plague,

There’s not so many of them,

All they do is bluff,

They’re quite wise,

They survive off our stuff,

They work hard to get food and money,

They steal our things,

They treat us with respect,

Compared to me, they’re nothing but a grain of dirt,

They are equal to me,

I don’t care if you’re being hurt,

I care if you’re hurt.

Image result for welcome body language


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