My Biography by Christian 3Po

Christian 3PO was famous for being a robot inventor and a clever mathematician. He was born in Gorleston on the 23rd of July 2006. He was the older brother of Winter and Jenson.

At school, Christian’s two favourite subjects were Maths and PE. He used to love playing dodge-ball with the class. On the last day of year 4 he made a best friend called Ethan Skywalker. He did more than 100 sums in Maths.

As a boy, he always loved reading. His favourite books were the Murderous Maths series, his two favourites were The Key to the Universe and Savage Shapes. He also loved watching Ninjago masters of Spinjitzu and always wanted to be the blue ninja, Jay.

His best friend at school was Ethan Skywalker. They used to play Beast Quest, Ethan’s favourite was Voltrex, the two-headed octopus, and Christian’s favourite is Komodo, the lizard king. He was a big fan of Norwich City.

When Christian left school, he went to Inventor and Mathematician Academy to learn to be a famous inventor and mathematician.

During his free time he invented Robot Eagles and Time Machines and answered super hard maths questions. He was not married but just had a robot called Cyborg X9.

In 2051, he became a famous robot inventor and a clever mathematician. He eventually became the cleverest person in the world.

On his 48th birthday, Christian decided to make a robot car. He contacted the Inventor Robot Car Academy. They agreed and Christian invented the best robot car ever. Then he was awarded a trophy that said Best Inventor.

In 2059, while making a robot he got electrocuted by the robot and died, at the age of 53.

Kjartan Poskitt said “I’m heart-broken for my best friend because he loved Murderous Maths and was a great inventor.”

Ethan, his best  friend, said “It is so sad he died, I know he loved Murderous Maths and Robots.”

Kj 09 white


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