Our trip to Cambridge, Thursday 15th October

On Thursday 15th October, Deer Class and Owls Class went to Cambridge for the day. We visited the Scott Polar Research Institute in the morning and the Botanic Gardens in the afternoon. The whole day was amazing! Here are some of our favourite photos.


The sleeping bag that Captain Oates used on the expedition

“It looked so cosy. I wish I could have felt it to see how warm it is.” Jack

“The sleeping bag looked very old and smelly.” Ethan

20151015_105956 20151015_110413

Letters written by Captain Scott in his tent

“It was very interesting to read Scott’s letters.” Andrew

“I enjoyed reading the letters of Captain Scott. I have seen pictures of them on the internet, but to see them in person was amazing.” Miss Cooper

“It was very exciting reading Captain Scott’s actual letters.” Oliver


Captain Scott’s Bible

20151015_110156 20151015_110737 20151015_110339

Other museum exhibits we liked looking at

“The exhibits looked really old. It was interesting to see what equipment they actually took to the South Pole.” Nico

“It was really interesting to see what each exhibit was about.” Gabriella


 The wrapping from Scott’s last tin of biscuits

“Seeing this was very random. I didn’t expect this to be in the Institute.” Christian


One of Wilson’s drawings

“This was an amazing drawing by such a brave person.” James S

20151015_111604 20151015_111614 20151015_111146

More exhibits we enjoyed

“I couldn’t believe how much cameras have changed over the years.” Liam

“I thought it was pretty amazing to see the knife that Bowers used” James W


Antarctic clothing

“I don’t know how they wore all of these layers. I bet it was very uncomfortable.” Sonny

“The clothing looked really warm. I bet it weighs a ton!” Layla

20151015_112444 20151015_112824 20151015_113320

Oliver and Gracie in their Antarctic gear

“They looked really warm in the Antarctic gear. It was very funny to watch.” Maddison

“It was so fun dressing up in Antarctic gear, even though it was very warm.” Gracie

20151015_120355 20151015_120402

The outside of the Institute

“I thoroughly enjoyed my day. I will definitely be back to look at the Institute again.” Mr.Biddle

“The building was bigger than I thought on the outside. I was excited to see what was on the inside.” Hollie

20151015_125929 20151015_125953

Arriving at the Botanic Gardens

“The view of the Gardens was wonderful! I wish I had this garden at my house.” Marley

“I really enjoyed walking across the rocks by the lake.” Lauren

20151015_131028 20151015_132209 20151015_131426 20151015_131304 20151015_131240 20151015_131247 20151015_132444 20151015_132456 20151015_132459

Inside the glasshouses

“My favourite was the Tropical room. It was really warm.” Charley

“I cannot believe how big the lily pads were!” Troy

“The cactus made the room look extremely pretty.” Isobel

20151015_135803 20151015_133545 20151015_133742 20151015_133556 20151015_133354 20151015_142135

Exploring the Botanic Gardens

“That was the most unusual tree I have ever seen!” Romy

“It was funny to sit on my throne with my two guards.” Jack

“I still don’t know how the tree ended up the way it did.” Rubie


5 thoughts on “Our trip to Cambridge, Thursday 15th October

  1. Looks like you all had an amazing day. Loved looking at your photos. This topic has been so interesting, really enjoyed reading and looking at all your work. Will have to go here myself one day.


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