My Antarctic Diary by Lauren

As we approached the South Pole I could see in the distance the red Norwegian flag fluttering in the huge, snowy blizzard. All my emotions had suddenly disappeared, I couldn’t say anything as there was nothing to say! My mind went blank. As I was staring at the flag, I could taste the bitter cold snow, falling in my dry mouth. I could hear the howling wind roaring in my overwhelmed ears.

So we all hesitated for an hour or so. Our disappointment kept rising. I could feel the frostbite biting into me like a shark but I didn’t really care. There was nothing to live for, all my dreams are crushed.

It was time to go back to the ship, all the snow kept smashing into my face. Tears keep going in my eyes. I keep looking at the weather and I am not getting good results. I don’t think we have much chance of getting back to the ship alive. I pray with all my heart that we survive this dreadful journey.



16 thoughts on “My Antarctic Diary by Lauren

  1. wow Lauren that was one of the best Antarctic diary I heard. Was it hard too write???I think the piece of writing should have more punctuation!


  2. Wow Lauren this is brilliant I think you get the brains off of me and I’m very proud of the young lady you have become this work shows how brilliantly you try at school keep it up very proud 💕


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