Antarctica Diary by Layla

As we approached the Norwegian flag. We felt overwhelmed. I am really shocked. All I can hear is the whistling wind behind me. I am exhausted of this tiring journey. All of my emotions are gone. Except I only have one left, I feel worthless. My dreams have vanished. I feel like a leaf being blown away in the distance.

Sadness has filled my heart, I feel like collapsing. My fingers are filled with frost bite. I have tried my hardest to get this far and now all my faith has gone and it’s all my fault. I cannot cope any longer, I’m exhausted.

We are now heading back to the ship. I think I have frost bite on my toes as well as they sting like lighting. I still cannot believe we did not win, it’s such a shame. I am devastated, but I know I have to be there for my team.


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