Antarctic Diary by Sonny

As we approached the South Pole we were  desperately hungry and extremely exhausted. Scott saw a Norwegian flag. Evans fell straight down so we helped him back up. Our whole team felt heartbroken.

Quickly we read Amundsen’s diary. It said “You can take anything you want from the tent”. Strangely, Bowers took a glove. We read Amundsen’s travel diary. It made Scott cry and he said “All my planning comes to this, we lost. I’m sorry.”

I could feel the blizzard of constant danger, blowing in my eyes behind us. We took a group photo and set off on the long journey back. I don’t know if we will make it home alive but we will try our best because we are proud.


5 thoughts on “Antarctic Diary by Sonny

  1. This good I really like I don’t care that you only wrote a little its amazing!
    How did you think of those brilliant adjectives?
    Could you write more please or put a ly word somewhere please?


  2. There is so much fantastic writing on your blog! Your class must have been working very hard.
    ‘Blizzard of constant danger’ is one of my favourite phrases, would you mind if I borrowed it for some writing of my own? I love the imagery it creates.


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