Antarctic adventure by Charley

As we approached the South Pole, we were feeling distraught. I was so horrified I couldn’t move, I nearly fell to the ground. I was so scared and freezing and could see something in the distance.

I saw the Norwegian flag and felt furious. I fell because I tripped on an icicle. That night I was working on the boat.

When I was walking, my stick fell into a crevasse. I struggled to get it out. After that, I got into my tent and tried to fall asleep. I felt many emotions. As I woke up, I saw a penguin come towards me. I found a muzzle and put it around its neck.



2 thoughts on “Antarctic adventure by Charley

  1. well done charley you used some good words. what do you think was your best word? you could improve on writing more about the others and write about how there feeling. Liam


  2. I think this is good. I like your adjectives and the way you used them and the wonderful choice of words.
    Try to improve by adding some more if you could do that that would be an amazing piece of work or a masterpiece!
    Did you enjoy writing this?


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